Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Blog Fodder Biscotti

I can't believe it.  After all the time I have been baking ..and in particular baking biscotti.... I burned a batch of Ian's Rosemary, Orange and Cranberry Biscotti.  There went the last of my fresh Rosemary.  Damn!

Wow... in the photos ..it doesn't look half bad.  It was much worse in person believe me ...and, of course, I had already tossed the 8 worst burned guys... should have kept them for blog fodder.  It's always good to show the failures along with the successes.   Anyway... my sweetie loves them..he prefers things a bit browner than they should be most of the time.  There is only one left.  So.. not all was lost.

However, I still claim the disaster was not all my fault... I have excuses..... my oven is on the fritz.  Yep... the brand new, only 5 years old, top of the line, GE MONOgram.... ridiculous.

A few months back I burned a pot dry on the cooktop above the built-in oven.  But, I didn't realize it somehow affected the oven.  At the time I did NOT do more research into all of it and discover that a cooktop is supposed to have a minimum of 12 inches clearance between anything and itself.... and, obviously, when we put it in..we did not notice the tiny print on one line of the installation instructions as somebody else was installing the thing.  They actually recommend not putting it over the top of any appliance as it could "cause damage".  The salesman knew exactly what our design was ...and, either he didn't know or didn't care .. why would he ....... after all, money is the bottom line with most of those guys.

so... for some reason...the fans of the oven aren't working.   Either the wiring got fried ..or ... it is a strange coincidence.  I don't believe in coincidence.  Therefore, now it gets hot and stays hot...no intermittent cooling fans or any cooling of any kind after the heat is turned off.  Needless to say.... I burned my biscotti.

Now, we have a conundrum.  How to change the configuration of the cooktop and the built-in oven.  Can't be done.  So, we have to buy a new range...cut our granite countertops... make space... build up some hardwood under where the stove will sit so it is not the wrong height and looks okay...and, then... hope it all works out and .... carry on.  After 30+ years of renovations.....I am sick about it all.  I just want to stick my head in the sand and pretend it is okay.  Do nothing... but, can't.  It gets so hot you can't even touch the control panel..so is dangerous.