Monday, July 30, 2007

Well, I have definitely not been very regular at posting on this blog. I almost deleted it a few times .... but still want to share some recipes and tips on occasion ... so, what the hey? I will just keep it and post when I have something to say or share.

Today I am giving you flowers as I am busy trying to finish up some odds and ends for the bear show on Saturday... and then ... hopefully after that I will have more time to get back to more or less normal. Well, that would be "my normal". I don't really care about anybody else's rendition or description of it... I make up my own description as well. lol. Whatever suits me at the time is my normal....


Gaby said...

You´re perfectly right, to make up your own dscition, what´s normal for you! :)))
You´ve got beautiful roses! I bet the yellow ones smell terrific!
Did you ever try to make rose liqueur with the yellow ones??

Vee said...

Mmmmmm...rose liqueur sounds divine... but, no...I never have tried it. You?