Thursday, October 25, 2007

Remember "plan-overs"?

Those lovely frozen dinners I make from what some folks call leftovers?

We never have any leftovers around here. No bits and pieces to put in the 'fridge and forget about, or wonder what to do with for days so we don't feel guilty wasting perfectly good food. Usually, I plan to make more than enough at a few meals during a week; ... then divvy up the remainder after supper to make perfect plan-over meals. This week, after wrecking my back lifting my end of a bathtub in and out of its slot one too many times .... it is absolutely wonderful to just hobble to the freezer and choose supper from the stack of containers. Thaw in microwave until it can be turned out onto a plate and then cover with a lid and nuke some more til hot and enjoy !! No mess, no pots, no clean lurching around the kitchen, trying to cook something when I can hardly sit, stand or walk.

and look .... how inviting is this for a lovely little chicken dinner from that amazingly moist chicken we had a few weeks ago!


Michele said...

Poor Vee, I am so sorry your back is hurting. Your left over looked delicious. Your precious tiny bear in the shoe is absolutely adorable. Where can I get him?
Hugs~ Michele

Sandra Evertson said...

Looks delicious!
Sandra Evertson