Sunday, March 9, 2008

Blogger was resisting all efforts...

Well, wouldn't you know it? Here I was all set to publish a post on this blog...finally...and blogger was asleep at the wheel tonight... so I will wait til I can get the pics on. I made some pretty nice looking cinnamon buns today. They were okay for my first go at them...but not as soft and puffy as The Cinnabon...nope. I need to try again. I will either have a bunch of frozen or have to start giving them away...cuz I don't dare start eating these on a regular basis...yikes... plenty of butter, eggs, sugar..... all the good stuff! Okay...all the baddies. Why does it have to be that way?


Terri said...

BV, oh my gosh I was just reading your comment about dreams on Vee's blog and wanted to tell you I have had exactly the same totally gruesome toilet dreams. I will not go into any more details here hehe, but suffice it to say this is the most troubling dream I have had, always horrid and exactly as you described. What the heck does that mean??!!

I have never heard anyone say it like that before and had to tell you that's exactly what i dream...
used to have it all the time (once a week) but have not dreamed it in a few months...ugh! Thank God!

Hope you are well! Terri xo

meggie said...

I saw you over at Josie's, & agreed with your comment, so had to come to visit.
I have loved all I see, & your recipes sound very nice. I love cauli... what a shame I married a vegie hater! Haha, all the more for me!
Do you make all the sweet little bears I see? I have little patience for small things... but I do so love them!!
Your blogs are lovely!