Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good grief!..

How on earth did a month go by that quickly? I don't know what's happening, but every time I turn around, a day or a week or a whole darn month is gone..... waaaahhhhh... brother... what a whiner, me, eh?

Probably has something to do with having to study up a bit because of the new 6 month readings; inherited high cholesterol "continuing to be in the above normal range"... now there are even more changes to the old diet. Even though I love to cook and bake, I eat sensibly, have small portions and up til last year was very regular with a vigorous exercise routine. Fell off the exercise wagon because of the foot....and got lazy. Now... I am back at it but finding my foot is still not as strong as it should or could be....but don't dare push it too hard because nobody can tell me why it broke in the first slow and steady wins my race I guess.

....shelves are full of light cooking aids..... and, surprisingly, they taste the same or close to it as regular fat products. I even found fat free cottage cheese after I have not been eating cheese at all...and hey! it's pretty good. I have it with some fruit for lunches... with a slice of home made toast and Becel...hahah... some days it seems silly all of this, but, I would rather be as healthy as I can for as long as I can and what the is kind of fun to see what new recipes I can come up with that still taste great and are fun to eat.

Chinese Cabbage to add near the end of the cooking..just to lightly steam it.... and perhaps a small handful of noodles.

More fiber has been suggested....... and, so, ... more grains; more fruits and veggies....

In with this beautiful mountain of veg there are a couple of little pieces of pork for my other half.... his cholesterol is low...let's hope the insides of his arteries are nice and smooth and clean... I'm happy to stick with just the veggies and some lovely brown rice cooked in orange juice.

...for added flavour.... crystallized ginger, garlic and basil along with a splash of light soy sauce...white rice vinegar... a scraping of lemon zest and a light squeeze of the juice.... my mouth is watering already... must be the thought of lemon....


anya said...

This might sound unappetizing at first glance, but I swear, it's a delicious light lunch. That cottage cheese you mentioned, white albacore tuna, tiny drops of red wine vinegar or a big squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper. Mix it all up and eat. I love cottage cheese with savory partners rather than sweet or fruity.

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I know what you mean about the month going so quickly!

All the new food choices sound good, something I'm slowly working on now too.