Thursday, January 21, 2010

Chicken Picante

Another month shot by...yet again!  Brother.

Sandy says she keeps forgetting I have this blog...and lately I am feeling the same way.  I forget I have it!  That's bad.....

Okay...'nuff whining....onward with the chicken.  This is one of those amazing dishes that is so easy to do and yet tastes great !
It's from a little booklet called 101+ Chicken Recipes.

Chicken Picante

1/2  cup medium hot chunky taco sauce  (I like Pace)
1/4  cup Dijon style mustard
2  TBSP fresh lime juice (sometimes I use lemon)
3 whole boneless skinless chicken breasts, halved (thighs would be great too)
2  TBSP butter or margarine
plain yogurt

Combine taco sauce, mustard and lime juice in large bowl. ( I usually add some garlic, basil and rosemary, too) Add chicken, turning to coat.  Cover; marinate in 'fridge at least 30 minutes.

Melt butter in large skillet over medium heat 'til foamy.  Remove chicken from marinade; reserve marinade.  Add chicken to skillet; cook about 10 minutes or 'til brown on both sides.
Add marinade; cook about 5 minutes or til chicken is tender and marinade glazes chicken.
Remove chicken to serving plater.  Boil marinade over high heat 1 minute; pour over chicken.
Garnish with cilantro or lime slices if desired.  Serve with yogurt.

::: Last time I made this I didn't bother with marinating ... too close to suppertime.  Quickly browned each side of the chicken .. poured marinade mixture over chicken ... let it simmer gently for a bit.. turned off heat.  Add yogurt directly to the chicken and sauce... gently turning it into sauce... let it sit for about 5 more minutes or so... and enjoy!

:::  You can use regular mustard..but, don't use quite as much... do some tasting... or even dry mustard..again... taste... I've tried it all ways... still great.

Last time I had chicken thighs... and I had some fresh Rosemary on tossed in a sprig... mmmm ... so fragrant!  Love fresh Rosemary...

We had it with lovely creamy mashed potatoes and some sprouts...


Martha said...

My husband would adore this! And I love anything chicken!

George Gaston said...

What a terrific easy recipe! It is filled with ingredients one would possibly have on hand to make an incredible meal. Many thanks and welcome back...

Elenka said...

I'm always looking for new chicken recipes. I'd have to use the mild version of the taco sauce as my husband sweats just from eating ketchup!!

Sandy said...

Chicken Picante is one of my very favorite dishes, I love lemon!! Thanks for this recipe, maybe if I get a chance we will try it next week and I'll post pics!!!

Sandy said...

ps. putting you on my blogroll helps me now to remember.

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