Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spinach quesadillas

Safeway has the cutest little cards of recipes... in the produce section and also in the meat area.  I always look through them and sometimes there are several that I bring home.  This one definitely caught my eye.  I had lots of fun making them...and may I just say?...  simple, tasty and, oh, no.... even pretty healthy too... a winning combination!  Keep that card and file it!!  Change things up any way you like.

Spinach and Black Bean Quesadillas

1   TBSP olive oil
1   small onion diced
3 to 4 cups fresh pre-washed spinach
4   8 or 10 inch flour tortillas
2   cups shredded cheese (the recipe calls for Mexican blend whatever that is) (I used mozza and cheddar)
1  15 oz. can black beans, rinsed and drained
1   tsp. ground cumin (optional)

Heat oil in large skillet over medium heat.  Add onion; cook and stir until soft.  Add spinach; cook and stir until wilted.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Drain well; set aside.

Coat large skillet with cooking spray and cook a tortilla til golden brown; turn over.  Top with one-fourth  of the cheese, beans and spinach; season with cumin if desired.  Fold tortilla in half pressing gently; cook 2 minutes per side or til lightly browned and cheese melts.  Remove from skillet; keep warm.

Repeat with remaining tortillas and filling.  Cut each quesadilla into 3 wedges and serve.

((I added chicken and also did things a bit differently because it seemed easier.  I used only one pan for everything))

 Cooked some chicken thighs in a non stick pan. Then, I added cumin to the chicken thighs which I also seasoned with basil and some red pepper flakes (add any other spices you like).  Removed chicken from the pan, cooled and sliced it while softening the onions (I added a teensy bit of oil and about a tsp. of butter) and some yellow pepper slices in the same pan... added the spinach and a clove of minced garlic.  Wilted it slightly, quickly gave it a stir and removed it to a platter.  Then began browning a tortilla in the same pan ... and followed directions for filling and browning.

Next time I think I'll try them with refried beans with green chilis.... nice and spicy...


PeggyR said...

Those sound really good.

Sage said...

What an interesting recipe! Love Quesadillas and this is one to ad to my collection; thank you.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Love the sound of your version ! One-pan meals are a life saver on a really busy day .

Sasha said...

Oh, how lovely. I adore black beans in my quesadillas.

Sandy said...

whoo!!! love these..

DILLY said...

Dilly like spinnidge.
Like eet wiv pine-nuts.


Anonymous said...
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Our Porch in Hillsborough said...

These look delish! Just found your blog and am off to check out some other posts.

Suzana said...

Sounds yummy! Wouldn't mind have a couple of those for lunch today. :)

Serena said...

This one would catch my eye spinach and cheese combo!

La Bella Vie said...

Ok this is what we're doing for dinner!
I am now following you!