Thursday, September 20, 2007

I don't use much cheese anymore ... so this tip is perfect. I used to buy a block of cheese, but even a small one would get pretty green speckles before I could use it. Especially now, since I have cut back drastically from the good old mac and cheese days, this is a great trick.

Now, I buy the biggest block I can find... one of cheddar and one of mozza.

Spend some time grating the whole thing. Yep... either with the food processor or by hand... but, I actually prefer to do it by hand as I don't like the gratings I get from the processor. Put it into little sandwich baggies in amounts that I know will be perfect to sprinkle on a dish ... usually about 1/2 cup or so.... and close with a twist tie. Then...put all the little baggies into another large double baggie and close it tightly... and into the freezer with it. It freezes perfectly.... When you need some cheese for a dish... take out a baggie. You can defrost it if you like but it is not even necessary.... just take it out in a handful and gently break it apart as you sprinkle it over the top of whatever you are baking.

Chicken veggie Enchilada for supper.... with a slight bit of cheddar and a sprinkle of mozza too....I try not to eat much cheese at all as I seem to have inherited high cholesterol. Apparently it is difficult to control even by eating none at all ... but so far... by eating no egg yolks... little or no cheese ... little or no meat....etc... I am able to keep it just below the level where my doctor says she is "bound by law to tell me that I must be on medication". Who knew they were bound by any law?.....


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

Hi Vee,

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, it is not always so evident that my hubby is interested in my world.. Unfortunately, it took a "Major Event" for me to see what is right under my nose probably more often than I recognize.

We are very lucky to have men that want to take an active part in our lives...Now, if I could just remember that more often! lol..

I loved your idea regarding the cheese. I do buy it already shredded but find they(companies) sprinkle it with flour in the factory, no doubt to keep it from clumping together..but ick! I think your idea is so much better~

Stop by often Vee and I will do the same, it has been great visiting with you~

Warmest Regards,

Sandra Evertson said...

Great idea!
And you are right, about the skydiving, a bit brave and a bit nuts, but it was incredible for me!
Sandra Evertson

Your enchilada looks delicious!

Vee said...

Hey ladies....tx for stopping by...

Michelle..... we are indeed so lucky to have the guys we do.

Sandra.... can't believe how calm u looked on the flight down ! lol...

I will be in and out of your blogs to see all the pretty and interesting "sturf" and such.... ... yep...and hope you will stop by again here too as well as my other blog to see the happenings and creations....