Sunday, September 16, 2007

A perfect day.

The unmistakable aroma of chocolate; perhaps the nostril tease of some indefinable fruit ... maybe something ultra sweet or even pungent and spicy..... .. oh, the joy of baking. Well, at the very least...the joy of smelling and tasting that baking! I just love how the kitchen smells. I love that it is warm and inviting....

After weeks of working non-stop on my latest doll, I have severely neglected my kitchen and all the wonderful "stuff" in there. But, when there are deadlines..or when there is less time than I need to accomplish decent meals and have some fun with food, I really do miss it. I'm just one of those nuts who still likes to bake and cook.

Finally, today... at least some muffins and then, some biscotti to fill empty cookie jars and freezer containers. A perfect day.... spectacular sunshine, blue sky and a slight breeze coming in the open windows..... lovely. What could be better?

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