Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Cookies (same post...different blog...)

I love to buy the Christmas Cookie version of Better Homes and Gardens...or Woman's Day... etc.. Well, just look at them! Who could resist? The beautiful colours; the amazing covers ... they sold me before I even looked inside.

I have a box of 3 ring page savers...and if the books are worth saving... this a great way. I have a lot of them in a drawer..but if you like... get a separate binder for those as well. Why not keep them safe and organized?

It is a wonderful way to keep them in pristine condition even if we do use them every year. I use mine a lot .... get them out as soon as October rolls around ... they are part of my early Christmas decor .... :)

I also began this special Christmas Recipe "album" years ago. Easier to peruse and find my special recipes for the festive season. I can easily add or subtract pages as I likes and dislikes change ...or as my taste in food changes...or if I find new (or old) or better recipes. You know how we save those piles and stacks of recipes?... to do what with ? and when? Well... I have begun to purge those...and also now I even change the ones I have carefully saved in the binder pages. It is all so simple and organized now.

I chose a winter scene... cuz it is beautiful and is for Christmas "stuff" after all.... but, if you are craft minded and like to do such things, then alter a cover to suit yourself.

I am making it into a sort of heirloom I suppose. Some Christmas cards are just too beautiful to toss... well, lets face it ... lots of them are. So ... I save them as well. If you receive beautiful, or especially Vintage looking cards and don't want them.... can I have 'em? lol... I love to make tags, or tree ornaments with them. Anway.. here is one of the other ways I recycle and use some of them. I pick and choose colours to complement the recipes and their pics ... cut out a portion or even use the whole card front on the same page. It is a nostalgic, fun look at Christmases past as well as my fav holiday recipes. A lot of the cards are from my sister ... she always sends great cards.

.... look ... even some of the bear pics made the cut!

.... and here, some mag pics that remind me of my Mom... this was fun. She and my aunt always joked about taking a cruise... one day I saw this pic and thought the two of them had become poster gals for the Cruise lines... they were the type that had a ton of fun wherever they went! As did my other aunt... the crazy ladies went everywhere, did everything, and had a blast creating a lot of fun! a pic of them beside it shows how much they look like the models. We thought for sure it was them! I have Mom's hand written recipe for the best butter tarts ever ... right beside them and their cruise fun. Makes me laugh every single Christmas.


Tracy said...

I like those magazines, too. But this year I decided that I had so many that I wasn't going to buy a single one. And I didn't. I was pretty proud of myself, but now that I read your post I'm feeling a little Scrooge-y!

Megan said...

Love your binder idea and decorating it with christmas cards. I'm a scrapbooker and that idea never even dawned on me. To michaels I go ;)