Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

I've posted the recipe for these before ....but, muffin making is a regular occurrence around here ...and as I was putting together the batter today I thought I'd just let you know a little trick I invented.  Well, maybe I didn't actually invent it... I'm sure others have figure this one out, but it's helpful to me and I like to share tips and tricks to make life in the kitchen easier and therefore, more fun.

Little jam jars make perfect containers for already toasted and chopped nuts.  I like to chop them as soon as I toast them because it is so much easier to chop nuts when they are warm.

Almonds, walnuts, sunflower seeds..and .... dried cranberries.  Staples for me.  I keep the jars where I can see them in the 'fridge.... let's me know when I need to toss a handful on a sheet and lightly toast them before baking something ...usually do them while preheating the oven...and if I forget them at that point, there is always plenty of heat left after taking out muffins and turning off the oven.

Here they are: ..... so cute too..... hahhah..... like that counts....

Small and extra small jam jars... a one cup or half cup measure of nuts at the ready.

I like to add flour when the wet ingredients are nicely mixed.... and gently just fold in so as not to over mix.  It maintains a lovely rustic texture which I prefer for muffins... not a fine cupcake appearance or texture.

I usually add a dollop of yogurt instead of milk if the batter appears a bit too dry.... ...

Yes....those are my Christmas oven mitts.  The only pair I have that fit my hands the way I like oven mitts to fit.  So I can easily handle hot things with ease.  Maybe some day I will actually make myself a pair that fit my hands.  Some day...... or ...maybe somebody will find me a pair that are small enough for my hands ...

There.  See?  Rustic, man size muffins. Lovely.

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B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Theez look reelly scrummy. I think we shud hav a go at mayking sum!
But I am a bit worreed- I don't think yu shud be eetin staples. They ar a bit sharp. Yu cud get ouchys in yor tummy.

Wud yu arsk Bernie if he is up to doing sum frolics for Pant-Cape Tchewsday?

Bob TB