Monday, February 4, 2013

I love biscotti

Bake it often.  It's not fattening and lasts ages...

Here is my second batch of the new year.  Biscotti Toscani.. a fairly simple recipe with great taste.  Well, I love it anyway.  Chopped toasted almonds...some orange zest...   simple, but effective.

I still chop nuts by hand... can't manage to get them the nice rough chop I want in a processor.  It's either too big...or nut butter.... no in between for me it seems.  Chop them when warm from the oven to prevent them flying all over the place when the knife hits them.  You still get a few bits...but, nothing like when cold.

 On this batch I tried a wash of some egg whites mixed with a bit of water.

 I've discovered that if I carefully get the serrated blade into the top of the logs... and almost rock it gently instead of sawing .... I get lovely slices.  Only a few end up with broken ends... my nemesis.  I hate broken ends...and used to use a hacksaw to get them really smooth.  This way I get the old fashioned rustic Italian look...and quite like it.

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