Wednesday, October 10, 2012

no kitchen...

... which relates to not quite as much cooking and baking.... but, when I post so seldom, it kind of looks like I'm not doing baking anyway doesn't it?

We have been renovating for a few months already... and I did manage to bake a few little batches of muffins and scones in a teensy toaster oven.   You can see why it needed to be on for a long time.... it could only bake a few at a time.

My neighbour gave it to me several years ago to bake my polymer clay dolls and heads... but, has come in handy all of a sudden to actually bake food things!  Cuz I reeeellly miss baking.

But, then... I burned it out.  Yep.  It struggled through two batches of a full 400F .... and then... smelled very strange and .. well, it just quit.  Awww.... poor little guy!  I felt guilty for forcing him to perform beyond his capacity.  After all he was old and very tiny...and well, I felt guilty.

However, I missed him right away and had to replace him.  Had to go shopping.  I looked at several places and settled on a Black & Decker... the same brand.  They do say they are the top in toaster ovens.  I looked at various brands and prices and this one fits the bill perfectly.  Only $49 on sale too...down from $79... such a deal.

The elements are covered with protectors too.  I like that.  Only one other had that ...and it was a $200 toaster oven... forget it.  I will most likely only use it 'til we move back into the newly renovated house with my new kitchen and oven.... and then... it won't be in use much.  Although, I do have to say...these little ovens do the best job I've ever seen on cookies.  The bottoms are so uniform and just perfectly baked.

The other day I did strawberry lemony muffins.... and the next day....a blueberry lemon batch.... YUM>....  I'm giving it a good test run.

... can fit 9 small/medium muffins.  I found some foil reusable pans for a bargain too.   It was a good shopping day.   They only really hold 6..but, cut one in half to get in 3 more.  Fits perfectly.

The centre row gets slightly browner than the rest even if I turn them...but, that's fine.  "Somebunny" loves the browner ones!