Saturday, March 26, 2022

Molten Orange Tarts

I tried these for the first time yesterday and my mid back is still bothering me.  They were a lot more fiddly than I thought they'd be.  As a matter of fact, Geoff, from whose site I got them, referred to them as"Easy"on the recipe.  He's a better man than I....... although, it didn't look that hard on his video.  He called them Gooey Orange Tarts..but, I don't really like the word 'gooey'.... so, I call them Molten instead.  There is just enough orange sauce inside them to let it gently slip down onto the plate if you cut one in half.  If you put too much into the shell it will just bubble up and over the sides...don't be tempted to do that.   There was plenty of sauce left over so I just heat some when we eat a tart..and spoon a little bit on top as well.  

Anyway... the crust is firm when baked, but still not tough if you know what I mean.  It is like the crust on fruit tarts.  It has a lovely flavour and you notice a hint of orange from the zest... which is strange as I thought the zest from two whole, very big oranges would be too much.  It wasn't.  It is perfect.  

Further info and thoughts...::: I think the chunk of dough for making the little topping balls should be kept in one big chunk and covered 'til you are ready to roll out the balls, otherwise it begins to feel a bit dry in spite of the fact that it is really oily.. quite weird.  And, mine did feel a bit grainy I think.. probably because I used granulated sugar when it called for caster sugar.  Next time.... and, there must be a next time as they are wonderful to eat!  So, I will have a better idea of what can happen...and will have more paper towels at the ready for my very greasy hands and will put the pot of orange sauce ingredients on the front burner of the stove ... also... the amount of sauce is overly generous for only 9 tarts.  A bit less would be fine.  I'll have to work out the measurements for a closer amount. 

Without further is Geoff's recipe.  

Geoff's Orange Tarts

Here is the original Youtube where Geoff got his idea for these tarts.

Ricette Fatte in Casa

Photo of my very cute finished tarts.

I got tired of trying to make perfect little balls so I tried one with just crumbles of the looks very nice as well.  Not quite as cute, but easily as acceptable and of course, just as delicious! 

......... making the 72 (or thereabouts) tiny balls..... which as you know...I didn't........  

Here is one with some extra orange sauce spooned over ....