Tuesday, October 9, 2007

same recipe, different blog...

But, it is worth seeing twice! This is one delicious way to do a chicken.
Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada. Nothing like the U.S. Thanksgiving celebrations as far as I have ever seen. However, we usually have a special meal ... sometimes visit with relatives or friends ... sometimes not ... just depends on where everybody is at the time.
It just doesn't seem that big a deal somehow.

Sunday, I made a great little chicken for supper .... and yesterday we had a wonderful lazy day and a great second chicken dinner. Yum ...

My new easy way with chicken:

Season the cavity with salt and pepper.
Stuff the cavity with chunks of onion, 4 or so garlic cloves and a lemon cut in chunks.
Tuck in the legs or tie them up.
Rub chicken with butter, and season with paprika, basil or Herbs De Provence (or your choice).
Cover roasting pan for most of cooking time ... basting with juices occasionally.
Take off lid for last 20 mins or half hour to crisp and brown skin.
Take out of juice, plate and tent with foil til ready to serve.

Meanwhile ... put pan on heat ...spoon off some of the fat, scrape up brown bits... add water, salt and pepper and bring to boil. Add a bit more water with flour dissolved in it to thicken and stir while boiling..then simmer for a bit til no taste of starch .... et voila ! wonderful gravy too.

This method of cooking gives the most succulent, moist, chicken I have ever tasted! Add a big bowl of creamy mashed potatoes, some steamed veggies and you have an amazing dinner.

I had some time to do a bit of baking too and got a few batches of muffins and some Cranberry/Almond/Orange biscotti done. I will get the recipe for the biscotti done up later today and post that. Freezer is full of nummy stuff for lunches now.....


Rose Petals & Blooms said...

pssst.. hi Vee! I had to add another idea for a very moist chicken that my hubbie and I do for our chickens..

I'm sure you've heard of it, but we put an opened can of beer(not your best..lol!) or a can of pop (soft drink, soda) up the butt of the chicken. We then stuff a whole medium onion in the neck of the chicken. The chicken then sits on the can during oven time. I don't cover the chicken, but I do put the rack lower in the oven so the chicken clears the ceiling of the oven. We cook chicken on the grill the same way, they sell an apparatus to help the chicken sit up better! lol.. as I said, you've probably already heard about that, but I had to tell you in case you didn't.
Have a great day~

BumbleVee said...

tx for visiting my blog Michelle and also for mentioning your method. ...

yes, I have tasted chicken done like that although I admit I have not yet tried it myself. Some day I will have to give it a go....

Gaby said...

vee, your gravy idea sounds smashing!!!
Gotta give it a try someday...
Have a nice evening!


G. Moore said...

Gloria Moore, Bogota / Colombia
Sounds really easy, just the way I like. I`ll try.
Thank you very much.