Monday, November 19, 2007

stuffed salmon fillet

There is a small fish shop in a fun little shopping centre near where I live. As a matter of fact, it is right between the liquor store and the cheese shop ... one shop away from an amazing kitchen and cooking appliance shop; just around the corner from my fav knickknack shop which is also only one shop away from AMA and a bank.... all in all a busy, handy, little shopping center!!

oops...forgot to mention the fly fishing shop...which has all sorts of goodies for use with bear and doll making(don't have a pic of it). The guys laugh when I tell them what I am using their "stuff" for...although one of them has a wife who does crafts and so he knows how great the racks of feathers, fur and glittery things look to us.

Anyway .... oops... where was I? totally lost the plot there for a bit. Oh, yeh... fish. I often get the stuffed salmon fillets when I go to the fish shop...then one day they were out of them. So..I asked what ingredients they used and just bought fillets... the price difference is not great..but it definitely is cheaper to make my own. I picked up some wild rice on my way home and here is my effort.

The filling is mashied potatoes ( hahahah..... better make that "mashed" ... although there used to be a mashie in Scotland in the 1800's ... it was a type of golf club! Gold mine of useless trivia; that's me! ... wish I could remember the important stuff. lol )

To the cooled mashed spuds I added a bit of beaten egg white, a little drop of oil, some cooked wild rice, tiny dice of celery and carrots. The "fishman's" wife doesn't add onions and garlic...but I did... just a smidgin to give it a bit more flavour. It can sit in a covered casserole (in the fridge) like this for hours or even for the day...

At baking time... preheat oven to 375F, 190C ..... coat room temperature baking dish (I just hesitate to put a cold glass baking dish in a hot oven) with vegetable oil..... place a dab of butter on top of each fillet, salt and pepper to taste.... and bake for about 10 to 5 minutes, uncovered. Better to check early than overcook your salmon... you can gently turn it on its side... and slightly part the center to have a little peek. If it is not cooked to your liking just bake a minute more..

Serve with a side dish of some veggies or a beautiful salad and you have an easy wonderful meal. Bon appetit !

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