Saturday, February 7, 2009


The special ingredient for the weekly fun food thing at Chick Life.. whoops.... Chic Life.... lol.... I call you "the chick" behind your back all the time Diana.

We call this recipe Peanutty Chicken... and I usually use a dollop of hot curry paste as my seasoning ingredient... which makes it a bit less fiddly. However, this is similar... and to get some heat I used dried red peppers from my friend Stan's garden. These little things are pretty potent...

 a matter of fact, may I remind you that after cutting peppers, please remember to wash your hands several times before licking your fingers when cleaning honey off the knife with them.... whoa! that gave whole new meaning to hot lips!!

Peanutty Chicken

Portions are entirely up to you...this is just a guideline ... rely upon your own preferences for taste and amounts.

Brown some chicken in large skillet. I like thighs... Use a small amount of oil if it is not a stick free pan.

Turn chicken to brown other side and add some onions.... sprinkle all with liberal amount of turmeric and whatever other spices you like. I used Herbes de Provence and some fresh basil (which I added much later) Turmeric imparts a lovely colour right away... today it gave me an idea to make it an orange-y chicken and that was what I decided to add once the onions were slightly cooked.. orange juice.
Don't let the onions get brown...just nice and soft..... Simmer with lid on for 20 minutes or til chicken is nicely cooked. During the cooking I also added some celery.
Add some diced tomatoes.. I used a whole large tin. When tomatoes have simmered with turmeric and chicken for a bit..taste and add more spice if necessary. At this point, I also add a small red pepper, a few dollops of honey, a small handful of dried cranberries and several large spoonfuls of chunky peanut butter. Mix well.
Simmer for at least an hour... stirring every so often....

I decided to continue the orange theme and used chicken broth and orange juice for the liquid in a panful of couscous. Chopped up fresh parsley and tossed it with the couscous after it had been sitting for about 5 minutes.

I had a spaghetti squash already baked, so, we used that for a veg and served the chicken in sauce over that ...very tasty..

A few green peas for some colour... a salad on the voila..... YUM! Peanutty Turmeric Chicken.


Janice said...

Sounds very yummy. I may have to make this next weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great challenge dish! It sounds delish. When are you having me over for dinner? haha...jk. You can call me "chick" any time. :)

Thanks for playing!

:) Diana

Susan said...

Yummmmm ...I suppose you must be sure that the HOAHM is well fed and by the looks of it he can't complain. xo S & les Gang