Thursday, May 31, 2007

Gustatory Déjà vu ~~~

Gustatory Déjà vu is just what I call it. The only reason I even know that word is because I was in the dental profession for more years than I care to remember…. Gustatory, that is, not the deja vu part…lol ….that is from another time..... ..

It means having to do with the sensation of tasting.

Have you ever put something in your mouth and all of a sudden felt transported to another place and time? Not always a perfect place…but most of the times it seems a strange and pretty good experience. That happened to me this morning… and it may have been because I was eating a cranberry/banana muffin after eating a very sweet little butter tart square…after eating a peanut butter smeared cracker. Hmmmm…. maybe it was just the combination of the flavors …. who knows… but I felt like I was somewhere back in the days when I was about 12 or something. Weird.

I was supposed to be testing some squares because I am taking some to the doll club meeting next week….. but it was early so I was also having some brekky… and then I tossed in the muffin for good measure…hahahha…. Silly me. Yikes. That was enough sugar for the whole day.

Must type out that butter tart squares recipe…it is a keeper.

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