Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Hey!! No fair checking out the backsplash...you should be looking at those steaming muffins! See my Picturetrail Site... you will understand. This place is Renovation Central. The tiles really are coming...................................

Yesterday was a perfect baking day. Pouring rain most of it. Love it when the smell of baking pervades the whole house on a cold and dreary day. Today it was Banana Chocolate Chip mega muffins. Well, my muffins are always mega as I have a wonderful muffin tin that only has 8 spots. When I make muffins...I want a MUFFIN! Not that I eat many of them.... I just like to have plenty in the freezer because my husband takes lunches to work and usually a muffin goes along for the ride. But...if I want one..I know where to find one.

I have a thing about home made muffins.....'cuz "store bought" are horrible in my book!! I bought a couple once....wouldn't waste my money on them now that I know how to bake. They are what I call "cake disguised as muffins"....which is really a cupcake to me..ick. Cake batter is fine texture; muffin batter is more .... er...rustic looking. That's how I like my muffins .... rustic looking; not all smooth and fine. Perhaps because they are baked in such quantities for business, and I suppose they do have to make sure the ingredients are all mixed, but to my way of thinking it gets mixed too much. Too much for me anyway.

When I do muffins I thoroughly combine wet ingredients in my mixer... then..add all the dry ingredients at the same time... gently fold in by hand with my wooden spoon ...just until incorporated.... spoon huge dollops into each of the 8 spaces of my muffin tin (with muffin papers in each of course so that clean up is minimal) and yummy, perfect muffins! Of course, ingredients also make a huge difference.... what can I say? With home baked goodies we can regulate the ingredients and adjust anything and everything to suit our taste buds, our lifestyle and our health concerns.

On Teddy Talk the other day there was talk of ... "when life gives u lemons"?.... well, my response is always... hey..lemons!! I can use those..... for Lemon Loaf.... or Lemon Blueberry Muffins.... or my sister's Lemon Squares... or.... Well, anyway.... there is absolutely no shortage of what to do if I am handed lemons or find them hiding in my crisper. What?...it doesn't mean literally?..... oh...........

Lemon blueberry muffins. When I heard that Tim Horton's was coming out with those I absolutely had to try one because those two flavours together?... all I can say is YUM! Ran out to my car with my coffee and a muffin... ready to savour each bite... yech! Do you know I tossed it? What a shame. So...I went home and over the winter I perfected my own. Yeah... you probably think I am nuts..but this is a blog about baking, cooking etc.... so.... read on, move on or send me your own recipes.... ....hahahhahha ..My Lemon Blueberry muffins are great if I do say so myself; and I do.... They get great comments from anybody who tries them and I even have people that call to order a batch every so often for their own freezers.

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