Saturday, May 26, 2007


Tip for making sure you always have something good to eat in emergency situations: .... make what I call "plan-overs". Some people call them leftovers...not me. At my house.... these things are planned.

I make and freeze lunches on a regular basis because Greg takes them to work. It is so simple...just toss in an extra spud.. make an extra chop or enough chicken to have a few pieces left for making up a great lunch. Instead of putting leftovers in the fridge.. put them into a lunch size Rubbermaid container... meat, potatoes...peas, beans or carrots...whatever you have left over and add some more veggies if necessary, then freeze them. I label them and stack them on one side of my freezer on a little shelf... I like to have about half a dozen or so in there at any one time so that I can pick and choose what to send in his backpack.

The guys at his office call them Greg's Envy Lunches. They always comment on the aromas wafting from the microwave at lunchtime...even stop by to see what he is heating up... some of the guys thought it was a great idea and have now begun to bring their own lunches. They hate eating out every day...not to mention how expensive it can get. .. and don't like bringing sandwiches.

I also love to have some great things in the freezer for days like today. If I get outside in the good weather...and/or, especially if Greg is finding us things to keep us busy for too many is imperative. Who wants to come in the house ... late in the afternoon.. dirty, tired and feeling not the least bit like cooking and try to whip up a gourmet meal? Well, not me anyway.....

For lunch or snacks to keep us going... it is whatever I find in the fridge when we get hungry. Today it was a Jamaican meat patty, a cinnamon bagel that I toasted and slathered with peanut butter, a banana and more juice. You would think after about 5 glasses of juice we would feel "juice logged"..but we must have been working it off as fast as we drank it. Matter of fact I worked off a pound.... I know that because I weighed myself in the morning... what a slave driver that guy is.

Supper today ended up being turkey chili that we found in the freezer and heated while getting cleaned up. We had fresh whole wheat Kaiser buns too...yum! I was so sore and tired I didn't care what I ate really..but that was wonderful.

Days are absolutely flying by; I want to test a few more recipes before posting them. I need to feel they are pretty much perfect in my own eyes before I expect you to try them. No point in
having you try one...finding it not great and then.... leery of trying another. Nope...can't have

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