Saturday, May 19, 2007

milk with those cookies?.

Okay...sorry, no cookies today...but soon.... honest! My first recipe will guessed it, ........cookies!!

Busy day today just organizing my other blog which is dedicated to bear and doll making endeavors. Check that one out too. Finally got most of my blog roll set up over was a lot of clicking and hand was "twingly" by the end of a few hours of that. I wanted to get it finished and have things moving along in the reciprocity department.

I was originally planning to have some recipes, tips and tricks on there as well.. but... nope.... changed my mind. This will be the place for that. Along with a few other tidbits of course... not all edible.

Here it is, midnight again....why do I always end up doing this at the witching hour? Hahahha.... all of a sudden I got a mental image of me as a "kitchen witch".... remember those? Dangling on her scraggly little broom somewhere in your kitchen? Dating myself there for sure. Perhaps I should make one for the site. Nah.... I prefer the bears having their little tea party.... ...

Off I go then for this day.....and tomorrow I will share a great, well tested cookie recipe of mine that will get you some rave reviews.

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Gaby said...

hi vee, when browsing for a recipie, I found something that looked quite interesting, maybe you´d like to sneek a peek: