Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shepherds Pie

According to Wikipedia, so called because it was originally made with lamb. When I looked for a bit of info this blog showed up. I have been there previously and what a lot of work this man puts into his blog. It is great.

In the comments someone said that since sheepherding is a solitary occupation... it should be apostrophe s... someone else says it is of s apostrophe.. still others say.... oh, who knows now..I read all that a few days ago. I forget. Please do check out his site though....
There is a ton of info to read through as well as his great recipes and methods. He has lots of wonderful pics showing the whole of his process for whatever he is demonstrating.

This particular day I was using ground turkey as I had some leftover from my previous day.. now I have forgotten what I was making...oh, yes...enchiladas...
One thing I always do when making my Shepherds Pie is to put an egg in my well mashed spuds..along with some butter. I also make sure to put the mashed potatoes right against the edges of the casserole dish so that it does not boil over the edges..and mostly it doesn't.....also..that means I must make an opening in the center to allow for juice and steam to escape... Always place the casserole dish on a baking sheet in case.... you don't want to clean your oven just because you made Shepherds Pie! A spill on a baking sheet is so much easier to clean.

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this is my patch said...

Just found your entry on Shepherd's Pie, I did this on my home blog, but as Cottage Pie with beef mince. The other week I made a Shepherd's Pie and forgot to put a tray underneath the dish, and yes, you've guessed it, it seeped over the sides and was burning on the oven floor, no wonder I was engolfed in smoke when I opened up the door! Did you know that using turkey mince, this dish is called Gobble Pie! x